Monday, 30 July 2012


The last week of our tour was in Galway. This was my first trip to Ireland and it was a great week. Another hectic one with a turn around from 1 show to the other everyday. However, we did find time to get out of the theatre and sit by the water to have lunch. On our first day this seemed like an impossibility. For our first tech the cast had to change into their costume trousers and boots as it had rained so heavily on their walk from the accommodation that they were soaked to the skin!

The sails sculpture in Eyre Square which has been covered in squares knitted by local children.

Another lunch by another stretch of water, Galway is a beautiful little city where we were made to feel very welcome.

Galway was heaving with people visiting the Arts Festival and arriving early for a big race meet that began when we left.

Our spare mannequin had a make over,

and Mr C mended the floor, in a supervisory capacity you understand!

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