Friday, 19 April 2013

More from Minneapolis

We've been home from Minneapolis now for almost 2 weeks. We're over the jet lag and settled back into our usual weekly touring routine so it's time for a quick round up of the second half of our stay in Minneapolis. We continued to have cold weather, including several days when the temperature never got over freezing, but by the time we left the sunny days had melted most of the snow and we were wearing less layers.

We went to the Mall of America, which has a theme park in the middle of it.

Bridget and I went to Grand Avenue in St Paul. 


We had some amazing pizzas for lunch in Punch,

and I found a yarn store.

Laura tried to steal Bridget's coat because it was so cold

We had a day trip to Stillwater and went across the bridge to Wisconsin.

Bridget on a bridge

Snowmobile tracks on the melting river ice

Paddle boats locked in by the ice

We finally found some Peanuts characters in St Paul.

We went to a Minnesota Wild ice hockey game.

Shopping basket on ice

Small children raced in cars during a break in the game

We went to the sculpture park.


We went to a very polite hotel for cocktails in the sky (at Prohibition on the 27th floor of the Foshay Tower)

I had An Epiphany which was delicious

The Foshay Tower where we had cocktails. The bar is  the level with four windows and a balcony.

The cast and crew went to Bryant Lake Bowling to celebrate a birthday. It was a fun night with good food and a great atmosphere in the vintage bowling lanes.

Laura found her spiritual home

I found another yarn store, luckily it was closed

On the last Friday I took my camera into work to take some pictures to show you how different the view was now the snow had gone. When I got to the Endless Bridge (where I took the pictures the first week we were here) it had started to snow, although it looks a bit miserable in the pictures the snow didn't stick.

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