Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Verona was the last venue of our tour.

This is the theatre we performed in (Roman Theatre) from across the river. The green hoarding is the back of our stage.

The venue we played at was open air, with a mixture of modern seating and seating carved into the stone of the hill side.

It's not often you can see the sky through the back of the set (don't worry we'd hung a back cloth before we opened)

Some of the cast checking out the sight lines during our tech.

This is Ponte di Castel Vecchio leading to Castelvecchio. This castle looks similar to the Sforza castle in Milan and was in fact built around the same time to defend against powerful neighbours including the Milanese Sforzas.

The castle is now home to a muesum.

The statue of Dante in Piazza dei Signori

After our first performance in Verona our hosts brought us to Piazza dei Signori for a company meal. 

Photo by Darrell Brockis

It was a lovely evening, a beautiful meal in beautiful surroundings.

The entrance to the Piazza Bra the largest piazza in Verona, where the Roman Amphitheatre is.

This is the Roman Amphitheatre where an opera festival was being staged whilst we were there.

Their sets were a little larger than ours and needed forklifts and a crane to get them into the theatre.

This is the Basillica Sant'Anastasia, I wandered in here for a little respite from the heat, and was rewarded with a beautiful church.

Sections of the stained glass windows behind the altar open to let in fresh air and a nice breeze.

The hunchback by Gabriele Caliari

We had a wonderful few days in Verona, the weather was scorching and we had late shows so had long days to explore the city. We even made a couple of trips to the beautiful lido - Piscine Verona Lido - where we had to buy natty little swimming caps before we were allowed to go in the water. It was a really lovely end to our tour. 

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