Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Girona, a little tour

This year's tour took me back to Girona for the third time. We have a couple of new crew members this year and were telling them about the things we do in Girona. So I loaded up the blog posts from the last two years to show them pictures and realised that there were none. Whilst I'd shared general photo's of Girona I hadn't shown you 'our' Girona. So here it is.

We start at the hotel 

head down this little side street

to Christmas Market Square.

In whichever cafe is in the sunshine there will usually be someone you know to sit and have a coffee with. If there isn't, sitting down will almost guarantee that a member of two of the company will wander past and join you!

Next we cross over the bridge

- look the bridge has got Gaudi style paving -

past the butchers we get our chorizo

the grocery store where you can get a bottle or small plastic barrel of wine filled from these wooden barrels

a quick stop into Doll, aka the bar with the beer pumps by the church steps, to take some pictures!

The last stop along here is the tourist gift shop, where a variety of postcards, wind up toy's and magnets have been purchased.

Then past the church, which usually leads to a 'what's down there?' conversation and a little wander around ending up near to the cathedral and a great view over the town.

Then we head down the hill from the cathedral towards the theatre, past this lovely restaurant where we have been brought for company meals by our hosts,

past the paprika shop, and a few naughty photo's (there are signs in all of the windows banning photos!)

This shop is great, a really old fashioned shop with a proper Open All Hours till and for anyone feeling homesick Bovril and Yorkshire Tea are available alongside Spanish treats.

And there is the front of the theatre tucked away through the archway,

and now we are on the home leg heading back towards the hotel. Here's the Emulsion of Marco Polo restaurant (we have no idea exactly what it was, but the dish the menu proclaimed to have it came with a smear of some really thick sauce under the piece of fish which we presume was painted on with a brush!)

the cafe with the really good hot chocolate

which is opposite the ice cream shop. December is no excuse for not sampling the local ice cream : )

Then it's back across the river, that's the church we walked past earlier,

past SuperEuro which has yielded some useful props in previous years,

to the cafe in the square with the pine trees by the church (I honestly don't know why we aren't being pursued by international companies who need products naming. We are so good at snappy names for stuff!). And look, more people we know having a coffee in the sunshine, be rude not to join them. From here it's just around the corner to the hotel.

A couple of important places that our loop around town missed out. Above is the really good pizza shop that we found this year, and will be added to 'the places we always go' list for next time

The crepe shop. This place is ace, the kitchen is in an old bus, and you can have pancakes for main and pudding and they let you draw on the table cloth. What more do you need?

And finally, the shoe shop. No visit to Girona would be complete without a trip to Giralt.

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