Sunday, 6 July 2014

Istanbul - Part 1

Don't tell anywhere else we've been but I think Istanbul is my favourite. We were spoilt here with a super swanky-pants hotel.

Look at the bed. It's ENORMOUS and so comfy.

And the bathroom, shall I have a shower?

Or a soak in the massive bath?

Which ever I choose I can use my posh complementary toiletries!

I mean, what's not to like? No strange breakfasts of cold omelette, radish and spring onion, well unless that was what you really wanted.

And then there was the theatre.

Not bad for a view from the dressing room?

The hotel we were staying in was just off Taxim Square,

and while the riot police and water cannon that were in the Square and along Istikal Caddesi (a pedestrianised shopping street running out of Taxim Square) on our first night were testament to the recent violent protests here there was no hint of that whilst we were there. And wandering around the city even after work we felt perfectly safe. We had a very warm welcome from our hosts and audience and had an interesting week in this vibrant city. Istanbul is definitely on list of places to return too.

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