Friday, 15 February 2013


In December we caught the Eurostar to Paris for a 10 day stay. We were performing Twelfth Night at Theatre Amandiers in Nanterre.

We had a fantastic run there with good houses and nice responsive audiences and managed to cram a lot into a short time. Including celebrating a couple of birthdays complete with homemade birthday cake smuggled into the country (well not strictly speaking smuggled as you're allowed to take fruitcake to France. But if you make a cake and then wrap it in tin foil and put it in your suitcase it feels like smuggling, especially when they stop the suitcase for ages on the x ray machine at St Pancreas. Although that may have been the quantity of cold and flu tablets and cough sweets I'd stocked up on after having to buy them in Girona last year!) 

The theatre was a 10 minute walk from our hotel through a park, and the hotel was right by the RER station Nanterre Prefecture and just 2 stops - about 8 minutes - from Charles de Gaulle Etoile for the Arc de Triomphe.. 

Our favourite station as we usually made the interchange from RER to metro here.
This meant that it was very easy to get into Paris to explore which everyone took full advantage off. Some people even just popped into 'town' for coffee. Every morning at breakfast people were discussing the plans for the day, who was heading to which museum, gallery or area of the city and as we arrived in the theatre each evening we could here people sharing tales of that day's adventures.

Notre Dame

Over looking the fountains at the Centre Pompidou

Entrance to the Metro at Pigalle



Eiffel Tower from the top of Galeries Lafayette

Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe from the top of the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower
Next stop - Girona!

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