Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Ann Arbor

We had a great week in Ann Arbor. The team at the Power Center made us feel very welcome as did our audience, and we had some very raucous audiences during the week. We also had some good weather, mostly blue skies and crisp air with a couple of windy days and some snow - a little taste of what was to come in Minneapolis. 
The fly rail

Prompt corner

The monster truck that arrived to take our show to Minneapolis

Walking around the town is like being in a movie, the wide streets and pavements, the low rise buildings in blocks. We found lots of great places to eat, Prickly Pear, the Noodle Company, Zingerman's, Savo's and Arbor Brewing Company (which is also a micro brewery). We were taken to Mani's for post show drinks - and sampled our way through the cocktail menu.

At the end of our week the set took off for Minneapolis and we had a day off in Ann Arbor before following it. I went for a long walk in Nichols Arboretum. It was a lovely day with blue skies and crisp air. The arboretum was pretty quiet, I only saw a few joggers and walkers and 1 man on cross country skis in the couple of hours I was there. I saw lots of squirrels and some of the others spotted deer. Janine and I went sledding in the dark with Mike and Ann from the theatre before having a last supper in Arbor Brewing Company.

Huron River


  1. What a cool blog! I'm enjoying seeing all the places you've been. Welcome to Minneapolis!!

  2. Thank you. We're having a blast out here, and still over halfway to go : )

  3. Propeller, we had so much fun with you while you were here. Sledding with Ellie and Janine was the perfect end to a great week.
    Hope you are all enjoying the Twin Cities as I am sure they are enjoying you. Please give a hello to Tree O'Halloran (Stage Manager for Nice Fish rehearsing there at The "G"). Big hug to you all.
    Anne from Ann Arbor