Friday, 15 March 2013


The view from the ninth floor at the Guthrie. 
We've been in Minneapolis for almost three weeks now. Our first week was spent in and around the theatre as we teched and opened our two shows.

The view from the Endless Bridge at the Guthrie
The theatre is an amazing building with lots of clever windows that let light in to the public spaces and give great views over the city and the river. 

The girls headed out for a walk across the stone arch bridge and a different view of the theatre and the mill district that we are staying in.

The Guthrie. The section of the building that comes out over the road toward the river is the Endless Bridge.

Another view of the Guthrie. The yellow box is the ninth floor lobby of the studio theatre.

You can see how much snow there has been!

Downtown Minneapolis. We walked through this area on our day off before catching a bus to uptown.

The covered bridge over the road here is part of the Skyway system. This links shops, offices and parking lots across downtown allowing people to walk up to 5 miles without going outside. Perfect for the Minneapolis winter.

Our favourite hangout. The coffee shop by the hotel.

Mary Tyler Moore

Uptown, we had a wander around some vintage clothing stores, had lunch in a microbrewery and indulged in one of our favourite pastimes - taking pictures of comedy signs!

On our first day off we had a big storm. It snowed for a day and a half varying from fine snow almost like frozen drizzle to heavy big fat flakes. We saw lots of different people out fighting to keep the roads and pavements clear. Once the snow stopped it was soon clear for traffic and pedestrians, except at street junctions where we had to clamber over snow banks between the road and pavement!

We've been told there will be a bit more snow before we leave but that warmer temperatures mean it won't hang about. In fact over 6 inches have been forecast for this weekend.

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