Sunday, 26 February 2012

Perth - His Majesty's

We have been performing here at His Majesty's Theatre on Hay Street in Perth.

It is a beautiful old building and a really long commute from our hotel.

Well when I say really long I mean you have to cross a road and everything. That's the theatre on the right and the corner of our hotel on the left by the palm tree!

I've got the biggest prompt desk I've ever seen, 2 big monitors with well focussed images so I can see the stage clearly (always a bonus!)

A very dinky cue light system.

We've had an incredible fortnight here. The crew have been a joy to work with, friendly and helpful which is always a bonus especially when we are so far from home. Our next theatres have a lot to live up to!

There is even a resident cricket. He lives by the stairs USL and has evaded capture for a couple of years.

We've left them a reminder of our visit, the drum skin from A Winters Tale signed by all of the company.

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