Friday, 17 February 2012

Perth - Icons of Influence

After a morning of costume shopping and a quick lunch at the hotel I headed back to the centre of Perth. I bought stamps from the main post office, dropped a few postcards home in the post box and went to the tourist information stand to pick up a walking guide. Perth - Icons of Influence.

Perth Town Hall.

I can't remember who this chap is standing outside the town hall but he looks very smart!

The Bell Tower.

Central Government Offices.

St George's Cathedral

'Cry God for Harry, England and St George!'

The splendid organ was being played was being played as I walked around St George's Cathedral.

The Deanery.

Some locals outside Stirling Gardens.


Government House.

Large sculptures made from plastic containers. Stirling Gardens.

The Supreme Court.

Supreme Court Gardens.

Weld Club.

The Esplanade.

Trinity Church and Trinity Congregational Chapel.

Perth is a lovely city with lots of nice old buildings amongst the new high rises. It is very clean and with a grid system the streets are easy to navigate. There were a few more stops on the tour to visit but I skipped them in favour of a cold drink back in the hotel air-con!

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