Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wellington - Mount Victoria Lookout

Our second day in Wellington was another lazy day. A late start and then a bus ride through the city and up to Mount Victoria Lookout.

With beautiful views of the harbour and city.

Across the water to the Botanical Gardens where we were yesterday.

It was a little cooler today than yesterday, hence the scarf and coats.

The airport where we landed late on Sunday night.

In the evening we went to Zealandia for a night walk. The park is built around a former city drinking water reservoir and has a specially designed fence that allows native animals such as the kiwi to rebuild numbers whilst keeping introduced predators such as rats and cats out. As we walked into the park the light was fading and equipped with maglites with a special filter we followed our guide around the park for a couple of hours. We saw a kiwi, glowworms, tuatara and kaka. It was a pretty awesome trip!

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