Thursday, 23 February 2012

Perth - Rottnest Island

We've been in Perth just over a week and have a whole day off, so it's trip time. After breakfast the ladies headed to our favourite place - the train station to catch the train to Freemantle. This time we're going further than Cottesloe or Freemantle, we're picking up a boat from Freemantle over to Rottnest Island.

All aboard.

Leaving Freemantle.

Does anyone know him?!?!

Our first view of Rottnest Island.

We went on a guided tour to look for Quokka. These marsupials are only found on Rottnest and gave the island it's name.

Another picnic lunch on the beach.

This little guy came over to see if he fancied anything.

Our view over lunch - this is the life.

The beach at the Basin. We had a couple of hours postprandial lounging in the sun.

Proof that I have actually been for a swim.

We bumped into Mopsa and Dorcas on the beach. They'd won a competition on This Morning and were disappointed not to end up in Magaluf!

Having been on the guided walk to see Quokka this little fellow came over to say hello as we made our way back to the boat.

Drawn to the harbour wall by some familiar voices I spotted some of the cast enjoying themselves. They did well to make the boat as this was taken less than 10 minutes before it left!

The day finished in perfect style with a beer at the hotel and a barbecue with cast and crew in Kings Park. The city looks beautiful at night from up there with the lights of North and South Perth reflected in the river.

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