Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Holiday - Day 8 - Wellington to Sydney

I had an early afternoon flight to Sydney so after breakfast I checked out of my hotel and went to Te Papa. Unlike a week earlier I made it further than the shop and cafe. I wandered around several exhibits including the Maori and immigration ones, and also had a look in the gallery. This was a great museum and I hardly touched the surface. After another visit to the Te Papa cafe it was time to head to the airport.

I checked in ridiculously early and was first to the gate. As I was just checking I was in the right place (why yes, having watched too many episodes of Airport I am somewhat paranoid about flying!) a lady in a business suit approached me to ask if I was flying alone. When I said yes she offered to walk me into the Quantas lounge as her guest! What a treat. I got to sit in a comfy seat and knit away happily in the quiet. We were also the first on the plane, even if my seat was all the way at the back. It did mean that I had picked the films I wanted to watch on the flight and had even started watching the first one by the time the flight filled up.

I arrived in Sydney to blue skies and a sunny afternoon. The trip to Manly Beach was nice and simple. The train from the airport (double decker trains - what a great idea!) then at Circular Quay transfer to the ferry. After a short walk from the ferry terminal I checked in at my hotel and was ready to catch up with Dame Laura for a pre dinner drink on the balcony of her hotel next door. After a good chat and watching the sun start to set we headed out for dinner, fish naturally!

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