Sunday, 11 March 2012

Holiday - Day 6 - Bay of Islands to Auckland

I was due to fly out of Bay of Islands in the afternoon. However, I'd heard the rain thrashing against my cabin in the night and was unsurprised to see a wet and cloudy day when I opened the curtains. A quick check on the internet showed that there were still seats on the morning flight. I suspected that we'd be on the bus rather than the plane again and so I packed and headed to the airport. I was moved to the morning flight (with no quibble and no fee for altering my plans!) and waited for departure with a coffee and ham sandwich made by a fellow knitter behind the counter at the airport kiosk.

As predicted - our plane! I was rewarded upon arrival in Auckland with blue skies and a lovely sunny afternoon.

I went for a walk around the harbour.

The ferry terminal.

The Volvo Ocean Race was due into town and a village had been set up at the Viaduct Basin, with food stalls, music and environmental campaigns. The marquee's above are for the teams involved in the race. The boats were due in overnight so I didn't get a chance to see them as I was leaving Auckland early the next morning. The race is still on going, they are due to reach the end in Galway about 3 weeks before we end our tour there. 

Sky Tower.

From the harbour I walked towards the Sky Tower.

I didn't see any crazy people doing the Sky Jump!

Then onwards around the city.

I love this avenue of trees each one's branches closer to the ground than the last. And unlike the UK no warning signs just a blob of yellow paint on the lowest limb!

After my walk it was a quick snack and bed time as I had to be at the train station early the next morning.

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