Saturday, 10 March 2012

Holiday - Day 5 - Bay of Islands

On my first morning in Paihia I decided to brave the Hole in the Rock cruise. As it's a four hour trip that's quite brave for someone who gets queasy on the Isle of Wight ferry! This is the view of the wharf in Piahia that the trip set sail from. As you can see another nice overcast day.

Russell, our first stop to collect more passengers.

A group of dolphins were spotted by another tour boat, we waited at a distance for a little while and then got our chance to move up close and see them. They were playing around the tourist boats, even swimming between the hulls of a catamaran. When we finally moved off a couple chased along in our wake for a while.

Cape Brett lighthouse. The lighthouse keepers cottage is just down the hill from the lighthouse itself and is now a holiday cottage. So if you really want to get away from it all - just remember to bring enough loo roll and tea bags!

The Hole in the Rock.

On calmer days the trips take you through the hole. Thankfully they weren't doing that today!

The island we stopped on for lunch. Beach photo's in the rain - that's dedication!

The harbour at Russell. I hopped off the boat in Russell and went for a wander around. It was a slightly half hearted effort as it started to rain again. After an ice cream (well I was by the seaside!) I caught the ferry across the harbour to Paihia and went back to my lovely cabin for the rest of the afternoon. I drank tea, did a little knitting, and as I'd almost finished this project I wound yarn for the next one. I'd be needing it for my train ride in a couple of days.

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