Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Beijing - Day 1

After checking into the hotel and freshening up we gathered on the steps.

A couple of the boys were off to a press conference whilst the rest of us were heading out to find some lunch. After lunch the boys went off to try and find an old craft and toy shop and the girls headed for Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.

The church at the end of our street. Some kind of photo shoot seemed to be taking place with 3 couples, the ladies in wedding dresses, and no wedding guests.

A statue in the posh shopping area.

Tiananmen Square. As this was across 6 lanes of traffic we decided to visit another day and went instead into the Forbidden City.

The entrance to the Forbidden City.

This seemed to be a Police barracks, with washing hanging outside and basketball hoops.

Having a breather in the shade.

As it was close to closing time we only visited the free section of the Forbidden City, planning a longer visit another day. As we left through a side entrance we spotted the Police marching through the area we'd just left.

The canal surrounding the Forbidden City.

There are lots of these fab phone booths around the city.

Kebabs - Beijing style.


Snake, the spider king, medicinal centipede, sheep penis

The food on a stick stalls spread for most of the length of the street.

A bed of Hostas under the trees surrounding the church.

The street our hotel is on, lined with local small cafes and shops.

Our new local, a little restaurant close to the hotel. At 5 Yuan a beer (50p) it's very reasonable!

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