Sunday, 17 June 2012

Shaghai - Day 5

On our final morning in Shanghai I walked through an area parallel to 'Oxford Street' (Nanjing Road) known for book shops, art supplies and stationery and picked up a few presents for friends.

After my morning's browsing I met up with Bridget for lunch at a local restaurant around the corner from our hotel. For our after dinner coffee we went to the Raddison. This hotel was a couple of doors down from ours and considerably taller. On the top of the hotel is a large round 'spaceship'. This houses a restaurant and bar. As we arrived after the lunch service had finished we had the lower floor of the spaceship to ourselves for a cup of coffee and a 360 degree view of Shanghai. (If we'd been there for lunch the restaurant would have been gently revolving) We were so impressed by the view that once we'd met up with Laura we went back so that she could have a look too.

You can see how the older areas are being overshadowed by the high rise developments.

This is the People's Square, the Shanghai equivalent of Tiananmen Square. You can't see it in the picture but in the top left hand corner is Marks and Spencers!

A birds eye view along Nanjing Road to Pudong.

It really does seem as though everything can and will be carried by bike. I've seen dogs, brick a brac, a lady on a garden lounger, cages of rabbits and ducks and here a ladder. I'd love to see someone doing this in London!

After our visit to the space ship the three of us went to visit the Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Centre. This was an amazing collection of propaganda posters and art housed in a basement of a block of flats - which in itself made it interesting to find, despite helpful directions from other members of the company who had already visited! It started as a personal collection by the owner before he created the museum. It was fascinating to see the development of these kind of posters and I would recommend a visit to anyone travelling to Shanghai. 

Off to the metro and the theatre for our final show.

After the get out a quick stop at the Raddison bar - in the top half of the spaceship - for a nightcap and a farewell to Shanghai and our Chinese adventure. 

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