Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Shanghai -Day 1

I went to the theatre to meet Bridget and as per my usual impeccable sense of direction walked down the wrong road when I came out of the underground. Half an hour later having found Grandma's Kitchen, a nice looking Italian cafe and C and A I made my way to the theatre and caught up with Bridget.

Lyceum Theatre, Shanghai.

Bridget and I walked from the hotel down to the river. There was a man playing a sax on the balcony of a department store - no idea why I'm afraid.

The Peace Hotel in the foreground and the Oriental TV tower in the back ground.

Chen Yi Monument.

Pudong. This area of Shanghai has been developed since 1990 when it was paddy fields and market gardens.

Huangpu River.

Shanghai Gold Exchange.

Whilst Bridget and I were on the Bund with all the old buildings some of the others were in Pudong. In the Shanghai World Financial Centre, on the observation deck. That's the tallest building in the picture, the one that looks like a bottle opener and the observation deck is the lower part of the top span (if that makes sense). And not only is it very high up but it also has a glass floor, so I was really glad that Bridget and I were on the Bund, on the ground!

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank.

After our walk along the Bund Bridget and I met up with those who had been to the Shanghai World Financial Tower a little closer to the ground, at Cloud 9 the cocktail bar of the Jinmao Tower - a mere 84 floors high! (The Jinmao Tower is to the left of the Shanghai World Finance Tower in the earlier photo and second tallest building in the photo). Cocktails in the sky - I could get used to this!

Back at our hotel we had planned on a quiet nightcap but were persuaded to try the Karaoke bar, which was very camp fun!

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