Friday, 15 June 2012

Shanghai - Day 3

Toady Bridget, Laura and I went off to explore in the French Concession, the area that the theatre is in. We started by taking the underground to Damuqiao Road. Here you can see the modern high rises.

You just can't escape! Janine trumped us though - she spotted a Tesco Express!

In the older area of the French Concession the housing becomes more low rise. The streets have lots of trees lining them, for which we were very grateful to the French settlers!

We stopped for coffee in this rather swanky cafe. This area had been redeveloped recently. The former knitting factory was now some nice shops and flats with excellent green credentials (at least according to the guide book). Good coffee and cake though.

Russian Orthodox Mission Church.

Laura's guide book recommended a visit to the lobby of this hotel. The Mansion Hotel has a beautiful Art Deco and most importantly nicely air conditioned lobby. We had a little look inside and tried out the sofa's which were very comfy, and that air con was deliciously cool. We reluctantly left before someone realised we weren't meant to be there and got thrown out

We walked down more leafy streets, had a nose in a few shops heading in the general direction of the theatre.

We saw this sign on the entrance to an apartment block close to the Conservatory of Music. Having lived in a Halls of Residence with musicians I love it! After the show we were taken to Lost Heaven Lounge by the British Council (one of our sponsors) for drinks.

This was an amazing bar on the roof top of a building just off the Bund.

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