Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Beijing - Day 2

The day started with a quick recce of the venue. The show poster greeted us as we came out of the tube station (straight into the venue - very civilised)

We had to pass through security and under a lake,

which was being cleaned as we went under it.

The prompt desk is massive - like the controls for a spaceship!

Panda heads - well if you see a box full of panda head you have to try them on. Don't you?

Statues painted with traditional Chinese Opera make up designs.

There are lots of beautiful architectural details in the building.

From the outside you can see just how vast the building is. It contains three performance spaces; the theatre we are performing in, an opera house and concert hall. 

The lake we walked under goes all around the building.

After we finished at the theatre we took the tube north and headed down Giuzijian Je to a tea house that had been recommended by Ferg.

We chose 3 teas to try and had a lovely lady explain the different types of tea cups and pots to us. It was so nice to be sat somewhere cool for a while as it was a scorching hot day outside.

(l-r) green, oolong and yellow tea.

We found somewhere close to the tea rooms to have some lunch.

Back on the tube towards the hotel.

In the evening we headed out to watch an acrobatic show, just as these builders were knocking off work.

The climax of the show were motorbikes riding inside a metal ball. They managed to get 5 rider inside in total which was just incredible. After failing to be able to get a cab two men on bike rickshaws pulled up and offered to take us back to the hotel. It was one of the most hilarious and slightly scary experiences I've ever had.

Thankfully we made it back to the hotel in one piece. Surprising the cast who were sat outside our 'local' when we went past!

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